Character Modeling

Welcome to my character modeling showcase, I always been passionate about designing/creating characters, as well as bringing 2D concepts to 3D form. This gallery contains various works I created/worked on over the years.

Original Characters modeled, textured, rigged, posed and rendered into a lighted scene.

College Projects

These are some projects I worked on durning my time at Full Sail University, using 2D concepts from other artist my goal was to bring them to life using the skills and tools I learned durning my time there, Some of the funnest projects Ive worked on.

Personal Projects

Here is a collection of various more personal projects I worked on for fun and practice.

Strong monster character project, based off 80’s-90’s action figures

Colorful character render using HDRI and Fur Simulation

ZBrush Dragon Sculpt, My first ZBrush Project mainly done with the creature brushes.

2D to 3D Concepts

The transition from 2D to 3D is important process, Here are some examples of my 2D artwork translated to 3D models.

More 3D Works

Various quick models (done within 1 – 2 days)

Work In Progress/Production Samples

Evil Animatronic Character Concept

Textured, rigged and rendered in scene

3D Dragon ZBrush Sculpt 4/24